Behold the Deluge of Renders for Chetrit’s Miami Riverwalk


It was just a matter of time before renderings for the Chetrit Group’s megaproject Miami Riverwalk were let out of the floodgates, finally giving the public a thorough glimpse of the future for the land next to the Miami River. And here they are. About half the renderings are courtesy of the developer and architect Kobi Karp. Basically the design is what’s been planned all along, leaving the shocking twists to a minimum. There’s just a hell of a whole lot more of it to deal with.


Chetrit Group’s plan for the River Walk project includes millions of square feet and rivals other megaprojects in the city.

The plans, published to the public for the first time, call for about 2,000 units in four, 750-foot towers. The project would be built in phases and exceed four million square feet.

River Walk would become one of just a handful of projects that meet the size requirements for a Special Area Plan under the Miami 21 zoning code. Others include Brickell City Centre, Dacra’s Design District project, and River Landing at the Mahi Shrine.

Currently planned:

  • Four, 60-story (750 feet) towers
  • 4,211,800 SF FLR (total)
  • 1,772 Residential Units
  • 360 hotel units
  • 119,604 SF office space
  • 180,195 commercial space
  • Riverwalk promenade

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